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การจัดการห่วงโซ่อุปทานใน เนทติเซนท์ NETIZEN Arabica EP.2


EP.2  solution overview

          Welcome back to Supply chain management in  Netizen NETIZEN  Arabica  EP.2. Today, we will present an overview. Scope of work And business scenes that are related to supply chain management

          By Nate Saint Martin NETIZEN  Arabica  is a business process (A Business Scenarios ) as standard, divided into 200+ processes, in which we will focus on 3 core processes. That are related to supply chain management include 

  • Order-to-Cash
  • Make-to-Stock
  • Procure-to-Pay 
Solution overview Business processes related to supply chain management

Solution overview Business processes related to supply chain management


         In the first process Order-to-cash  We want to emphasize and give you a clear picture. Which the green diagram is Every step of the process From creating needs from customers To delivering products to customers And also including the invoice and payment process 

         You will see that There are some processes that have a purple triangle such as debtor and payment processing. Outbound delivery processing Or creating invoices for customers These processes are related to all financial systems. It will be posted to relevant accounting documents. 

         It can be seen that the Customer Returns and Marketing-to-Opportunity process That will be linked to the process. Order-to-cash. For example, the Customer Returns process will begin By returning the goods according to the outbound delivery documents created in the process Order-to-cash 

         The second process is  Make-to-Stock.  This process  helps organizations manage the production of products. And storage of products according to customer requirements It is integrated with the Demand Planning process, which helps predict future customer needs. To make the production process And procurement can retrieve information for advance management.

        The third process is Procure-to-Pay  by Netizen. NETIZEN Arabica helps manage the process. Procure-to-Pay Effectively From determining the source of raw materials And purchasing via post In order to match the delivery process with the invoice      There is also a link with the Supply Chain Management process  in creating an action plan regarding the quantity of products to be produced. And procurement to meet customer needs Including the inventory valuation And production costing Along with the financial transactions of the Supply Chain Management process. All of this is recorded in profitability reports and balance sheets.

         Which the process will start from Procurement planning, procurement control  ,  including warehouse management  Product quality guarantee  And ends at Financial process

Netizen ByDesign Arabica Functional Scope Solution Overview

Netizen ByDesign Arabica Functional Scope Solution Overview


       Another way to look at the scope of the solution  Nate Saint Martin  NETIZEN Arabica  comes from the perspective of working. Usually, a specific function Will involve many different business situations. For example, you will have to use the same warehouse management function to ‘Goods issue’ in the Scenario order-to-cash as usual, including managing the return of goods to suppliers 

       In the picture in the function box section Often related to the department of the company The blue structure is used only in situations related to supply chain management such as production, warehouse management and others. The orange structure Relating to other situations such as sales

        If you look at the function box in some pictures You will see that sales and service It is a comprehensive function that customers can see, such as receiving orders and invoicing. 

         Next, in the supply chain design section Will have a function to model the flow of goods to customers Which will be between the inside of the warehouse And the location of the production department 

         The goal of supply planning and control is to create action plans regarding production and procurement quantities. To meet the needs of customers 

        Inventory Valuation And product costing is the bridge between product quantity and finance Including in finance, transactions related to the entire supply chain Which will be recorded in the system And affecting profitability and balance sheets

      How are you … for EP.2  . Solution overview I hope you all understand it. And see an overview of supply chain management more, and  then meet in the article  Supply Chain Management in  Netizen NETIZEN  Arabica  EP.3   Don’t forget … Follow EP.3 ….

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