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About Us

With extensive experience as consultants for SAP, one of the world’s leaders in IT business solutions from Germany, Netizen’s founders aimed to leverage their expertise to develop IT systems and conduct business in Thailand.

Working with SAP has provided the opportunity to offer IT solutions to businesses worldwide, allowing us to accumulate extensive experience in understanding global businesses, innovative planning, overcoming challenges, and delivering excellent customer service. Netizen was founded in 2000 to seamlessly connect the worlds of IT and business.

Netizen focuses on delivering SAP solutions to the automotive industry and Japanese entrepreneurs. With the experience we have gained from industry leaders like SAP, Netizen possesses a comprehensive knowledge base and strong values, enabling us to offer the best services and guidance directly to our customers.

Over the years, Netizen has faced many challenges. However, these obstacles have never deterred us. We remain committed to principles that perfectly meet the needs of our customers.

Over the past 24 years, Netizen has grown continuously. Our business has become more stable, and our customer base has expanded steadily. By adhering to our organizational culture, Netizen has never stood still. We continue to relentlessly develop our business to offer the best services that meet our customers’ needs. We always believe that partnerships based on trust and integrity are the keys to success.


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