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การจัดการห่วงโซ่อุปทานใน เนทติเซนท์ NETIZEN Arabica EP.3

EP.3 Raw material and service management

           Welcome back to Netizen by NETIZEN  Arabica  EP.3. Today we would like to present  About understanding the concepts of raw material and service management

         Every organization needs to focus on assets. That is related to sales, purchasing, and business processes By classifying these assets into 2 types which are

  1. Tangible
  2. Intangible things 

        Of course, materials are classified as tangible. By starting from raw materials or components that have been processed to finished products in order to deliver to customers. In which these raw materials will be circulated in the supply chain.

      As for other raw materials, such as office supplies or supplies, there is no role in the supply chain. Including fixed assets such as notebooks or production machinery Have no role in the supply chain as well 

     As for the intangible things Consists of fixed assets, including software, including services such as  inspections  or consulting

 There are 3 tangible things which have different management, which are 

  1. Supply Chain Materials  consist of an inventory management process, in which raw materials are traded continuously for use in production. And the valuation process based on quantity in stock. The inventory managementis linked to the raw material ledger of the financial department
  2. Office supply consumables,  for example pen and paper used in operations It is not related to inventory management, but from a financial standpoint it is considered an expense.
  3. Fixed assets  There is a process for managing fixed assets in the warehouse. For example, a forklift that is the same as office equipment. Is for operation only But different, which have higher values ​​and which have always changed values, which require depreciation methods to reflect the correct asset values ​​in the balance sheet.

        How are you … For our EP.3, we hope you all More understanding of the concept of raw material and service management And don’t forget to meet in the article The supply chain management in   Nate Saint Martin  Netizen Arabica,  EP.4  it …



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