NETIZEN has won the “Partner of the Year for SAP” award at the Huawei Cloud Partner Summit APAC 2024 event

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NETIZEN has won the “Partner of the Year for SAP” award at the Huawei Cloud Partner Summit APAC 2024 event

On March 26-27, 2024 at Huawei’s Sanyapo Park in Dongguan City, China, which serves as the main training center of HUAWEI, Mr. Kridsada Satukijchai, the Founder of NETIZEN Co., Ltd., attended the Huawei Cloud APAC Partner Connection Summit 2024 along with technology leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region.

As a leader in SAP Cloud ERP technology, NETIZEN has been honored with the “Partner of the Year for SAP 2023” award amidst more than 400 partners from the Asia-Pacific region. NETIZEN has been pioneering the deployment of SAP systems running on Huawei Cloud infrastructure successfully since 2019, making them the first in Thailand and Southeast Asia. This initiative has led to the creation of a new service called, which facilitates the migration of SAP to the cloud, making it easier, faster, and more secure. This has instilled a high level of confidence in NETIZEN among numerous SAP customers, leading them to embrace

NETIZEN and Huawei Cloud have collaborated to co-develop tools and methodologies within for over 5 years, representing an integration of innovations from both parties to benefit SAP customers in Southeast Asia optimally. We extend our gratitude to Huawei Cloud for presenting this award to NETIZEN, confirming our commitment to collaboratively innovate and drive business transformation for customers across all industries, both now and in the future.

Another significant stage, Ms. Katsada Sathugitchai was invited as a Keynote Speaker to showcase the vision of leveraging Huawei AI Ecosystem technology in the Origami Collaboration Platform developed by Allable Limited, of which Mr. Kridsada Satukijchai is the Founder, part of the same corporate group as NETIZEN and Trandar. This presentation aimed to inspire other partners with success stories, utilizing Huawei Cloud Solution alongside the Origami Collaboration Platform, making connection and development significantly easier. Whether it’s developing new modules or enhancing existing ones, all can be done seamlessly through the use of Huawei Cloud Solution.

The Origami Collaboration Platform addresses the needs of interdepartmental collaboration and connectivity within organizations. Each department shares the same data, interconnects seamlessly, and can customize access rights at multiple levels. This enables every department and function to access information quickly and conveniently from any device, anytime, anywhere without interruption.

Origami Collaboration Platform comprises 6 main platforms, including Human Resource Management, Customer & Supplier Management, Project Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Learning Management, and also features Marketing Strategy Management.

Finally, Mr. Kridsada Satukijchai, Founder of NETIZEN Co., Ltd., joined the unveiling ceremony to become a key partner with Huawei in AI development together in the Asia-Pacific region.

Additionally, other partners such as PwC, ePLDT, MEGAZONE CLOUD, OREL IT, iFLY TEK, and KBQuest also participated in the ceremony.

NETIZEN and Allable are set to leverage the cutting-edge AI technology from Huawei, which is currently gaining momentum and drawing significant attention. We will utilize this technology to “Accelerate Intelligence with Everything as a Service” in developing solutions for organizations ready to embark on digital transformation journeys. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to innovate and collaborate in this exciting endeavor.

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