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การจัดการห่วงโซ่อุปทานใน เนทติเซนท์ NETIZEN Arabica EP.5

EP.5 Internal supply chain management

      Welcome back to Supply Chain Management in  Netizen NETIZEN Arabica  EP.5. Today, we will present about Material flow management within the work site Which we call this process The Internal Supply Chain

        The example in this image is General object movement within the job site Which has the steps as in the picture below 

  • Step 1  When the trucks arrive at the warehouse, the staff will move the goods down and inspect. 
  • Step 2. The  products will be stored in the warehouse shelves. If the components are to be moved from the warehouse to fill the production line in order to process After that, the finished products will be moved back to the warehouse or to the packing area. 
  • Steps 3 and 4  before the product is delivered to the customer Employees must pack the products from the warehouse in order to be transported onto the truck.
  • Step 5  is the movement of other necessary materials that may not be shown in the graphic, such as increasing the space in the warehouse. To help manage the warehouse area as best as possible

      One of the important decisions for system integration is Creating flow patterns for raw materials within the organization. That is how complicated it is There are often questions following the needs of organizations such as

  1. In what ways would an organization need to use automated processes? Including how to increase operational efficiency? 
  2. How many control systems can help to avoid human errors? 
  3. What system would be needed to change the process to be more transparent? 

       The  Nate Saint Martin  NETIZEN  Arabica  is the main idea. Nothing is right or wrong for the details in the form that should be. Because business needs may change at any time. 

       In general, warehouse operations begin with the simple method in the picture on the left, which has only the warehouse and production areas. Later, as the business grows, there may be a larger format. Including increasing the area for receiving and receiving more products as in the picture on the right 

        The Nate Martin St.  NETIZEN  Arabica  support functions to meet the demand by creating a format that can be flexibly called  the layout location (Location Layout)  and  model logistics (Logistics Model).

      You may be wondering how to create a Location Layout. 

     The first thing to do is Create a layout plan first. Beginning with the work site, the next is the Storage Location. The concept of the layout of the location Is to simulate the physical area of ​​the warehouse and production area that is true 

     Which the layout of the location It consists of the hierarchy of logistics areas, also known as  LOAs  , in which this area can be defined independently. Within the location of physical data 

     Nate Saint Martin NETIZEN ByDesign Arabica  helps you know the inventory levels of goods are unloaded. And the important thing is The system will help guide warehouse personnel for the correct bin location to help employees quickly place products and know the location of the desired product. 

     The work site may consist of multiple production areas. Or there may be areas specifically for logistics To procure components for the production line For this reason, you can view the flow of raw materials through production. In which the inventory management tree will be enabled for green areas only

      Next, we look at the part of Material flow rules  by controlling the flow of raw materials within that company. Will consist of The model logistics  (Logistics Model).

      Replenishment of components, material movements Including the return of raw materials and spare parts reservation In many cases, the logistics model may consist of a single step. But in some cases, there can be more than 1 step such as delivering products to customers By looking at the first example is

  • The first step  is to pick up the goods from the warehouse. And deliver to the delivery area 
  • The second step is that the  goods are loaded onto the truck to be delivered to the customer.

For each step of the logistics model it is determined by logistics use  only.  

      In addition, the system can automatically present areas in the logistics. When the operation is created in the system from the warehouse staff Of course, the system will provide the logistic space that is used only for inventory management and that the correct logistics processes are used. 

        In private, the second is Product replenishment when the product has shortage. This will happen if the quantity of products in the production area is not enough. 

       How are you … For our EP.5 there may be a lot of content..but we are confident that you will understand the overall flow of raw material management on the job site. Also known as The Internal Supply Chain. Certainly, then meet again in the Netizen  Arabica  EP.6 supply chain management  article.  Let’s meet ….

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