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SAP Business ByDesign by Netizen

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SAP Business ByDesign

Thai Localization by NETIZEN

Netizen, a pioneer in SAP-ERP software consulting firm, lead the software solution of SAP Business ByDesign or Real ERP on Cloud which manage your entire business from medium to large enterprises that incorporate full functionality, starting with integrated SaaS suite supports Financials, Customer Service (CRM), Human resources, Sales, Procurement, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Dashboard, Real time analytics report, Business Intelligence (BI), Mobility and more.

In addition, for more perfection of SAP Business ByDesign (Real ERP on Cloud) software solution, Netizen has developed solutions to support “Thai Localization” and comply with the tax system, including regulatory policies for business in Thailand
in version of “Netizen ByDesign Arabica”.

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