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? Netizen Premium Support ? It is another service that is at the heart of driving the customer’s business to be efficient with an expert customer service department. And has received standard certification from the software company Netizen , providing support services to help customers in giving advice. Be a consultant As well as solving problems related to the systems that customers are using in order to make the customer’s business operations as efficient as possible.

Netticent is an SAP Partner that has been certified to pass the standard ? PCOE (Partner Center of Expertise) ? From 2013 until now There is a team of experts ready to serve and answer customer problems according to service standards ( Service Level Agreement: SLA) to help check. or solve related work system problems in various parts for service users with the “Ticket Support” system. To reference and follow up on the status of those problems

Figure1: Netizen SAP Certified for PCOE

Features and differences of Netizen Premium Support
under the terms of service for system usage problems. and problems encountered by each service user Problems may arise due to different reasons or factors. Therefore, the types of services are divided as the following topic

Preventive Service
is a service that provides advice to customers. To prevent problems that may occur in the future if problems or abnormalities are found in the work. We have experts who will help check the overall system. So that the system can work in accordance with available resources. Including using the system more efficiently

Corrective Service
is a service that helps analyze and solve problems that occur during system operation. Whether it is to fix system errors that may be caused by system design Programming or installing programs for use Including tracking down errors and correcting those problems.

Consulting Service
is a service providing advice. Or advice from a team of consultants who have expertise with SAP Standard in specific areas or parties that are involved with appropriate approaches to controlling the management system within the organization. To meet the needs of customers to benefit and achieve maximum satisfaction

Benefits that customers will receive from our services

  • After-sales service is the heart of Nettisent.
  • Experience professional service With experts with a lot of experience
  • Any problems that customers send through the ?Ticket Support? Customers will receive the fastest service response.
  • Deliver progress reports Status Tracking To update customers regularly
  • Remote service to understand communication between the team and customers. and able to resolve problems promptly

Customers who choose to use the service ? Netizen Premium Support ? From Netizen , we have a team of consultants ready to give advice. Providing customer service on business days and hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
and can be contacted via email at 24 hours a day, where users will receive a response from service personnel. Customer within no more than hours ( on office hour since receiving the number ? Ticket Support ? From the Netizen team

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