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“Infrastructure Solutions by Netizen”

In using SAP, what is considered the key is Structural design of Good infrastructure, selection of software – OS and various settings To be consistent with the work of the customer is important. But in most cases, customers often encounter problems from sizing the system, ordering hardware that takes a long time, and getting specifications. that is not appropriate to the customer’s needs, choosing the wrong operating system or software, poor system layout design, including adjusting parameters for both SAP, database and operating system using standard values. There is no adjustment to suit customer use. causing the system to not work at full efficiency and always encounter problems

If you are looking for someone with experience and expertise in implementing SAP systems to help your business be better managed, such as:


  • Install the SAP system (SAP Installation) whether on your own Data Center or on the Cloud system.
  • Want to move the operating system (SAP Migration) that is currently using SAP to another operating system, such as UNIX to Windows or other systems that can support the work of the SAP system, or to migrate the system from the server in use. Go to a newer version of the server. or even move the system in use to the Cloud system
  • Want to upgrade SAP Version (SAP Upgrade) from the one currently in use to a version that is a newer and more modern version. To support support from SAP and have features that support even more use.
  • Tuning the SAP system from the original one that encountered various problems. In order to get a system that works well More efficient and consistent with the business model Including the work of customers

Infrastructure Solutions by Netizen services include the following: SAP Installation

Netizen has experience installing SAP systems, both SAP ECC6 and SAP HANA, both On-Premise and Cloud. Netizen has a team of experts in software installation. By paying attention to every detail. and look at all parts related to the SAP system so that customers can work at their full potential Whether it is setting up the OS and software before installation, designing appropriate infrastructure, adjusting system performance to be consistent with the customer’s work. Including other systems Related to various interfaces, printer system installation in accordance with the software. So that the system can work as the customer desires after the installation is complete.


Figure 1: SAP Installation by Netizen Infrastructure Solutions


SAP Migration

Netizen has experience in migrating SAP systems used by customers. Either changing the old OS Platform to a new platform, such as UNIX to LINUX or to a Windows system, or moving the system due to the end of the maintenance period, outdated hardware, or hardware out of warranty, so it is necessary to look for new hardware. etc.

But in order for the SAP system in use to continue working. Without affecting users, Netizen has a team of experts. and has experience in such matters From the early days of SAP software to the technology of SAP at present Currently, SAP’s latest technology is SAP S/4 HANA and Netizen has experience in system migration (SAP Migration) from SAP ECC6 to On-premise and to HANA on Cloud as well.

Figure 2: SAP Migration by Netizen Infrastructure Solutions


SAP Upgrade

Netizen has a team that has experience in doing SAP Version Upgrade from the existing version to the most current version. To be able to fully use the various SAP Functions available in the system. And with Nettisent’s experience in providing services in the SAP software upgrade section from the initial version to the current version, which many leading corporate customers have trusted. and have always believed in the SAP Upgrade service section from Nettisent


Figure 3: SAP Upgrade by Netizen Infrastructure Solutions


SAP Performance Tuning

In terms of the operation of the SAP system, there are often problems encountered in Infrastructure Both Resource usage is insufficient to meet the system needs. or the system does not work at full efficiency Including the fact that the system uses resources in an overloaded manner all the time. Netizen has expertise. And there is a team of people with experience in doing Performance Tuning for the SAP system specifically to get proper performance. It is in line with customer usage and makes the organization’s SAP system work noticeably better.


Figure 4: SAP Performance Tuning by Netizen infrastructure Solutions


Highlights of Infrastructure Solutions by Netizen

  • Netizen has a team of experts. and has experience in design Infrastructure Solution for more than 15 years
  • Netizen will be there to give you advice. and recommend complete system design and covers all applications related to SAP so that customers can run their businesses as efficiently as possible.
  • Netizen can help customers create a clear operational plan. Make it possible to set the date and when you can definitely see the results of using the system
  • Netizen will help design the system for the long term. So that the system can support use in 3-5 years according to the growth of the business.
  • Netizen can give advice to customers according to their needs. Ready to design the system to suit customer needs appropriately.
  • Netizen will keep track of your performance. So that customers can use the system without interruption. and benefit from our services in the best possible way

Benefits of Infrastructure Solutions by Netizen

  • Netizen has a team of consultants who will provide professional advice. There is a clear operational plan. and help design Appropriate Infrastructure to be consistent with the customer’s system Give good advice on system administration and security. and suitability for the work of each department in the organization
  • Working professionally, the Netizen team will have meetings. and regularly follow up on the status of work with customers To update plans and latest status of work As well as continuously reporting operating results to customers. In order to give customers confidence in the work of the Netizen team that they will be able to make customers receive successful results according to the set plan.
  • Netizen will help customers use the most suitable system for their business operations. The customer will receive a working version (from Upgrade), a working platform (from Migration), as well as a system that can work efficiently (from Performance Tuning). Therefore, customers can be confident that they will receive Get great results from working with the Netizen team.

Netizen Company has experience in setting up SAP systems as mentioned above for not less than 20 years. From the experience the company has provided services to leading organizations in the country such as the Bank of Thailand, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. , Government Lottery Office, Toyota Boshoku Asia, King Power Duty Free and many other business sectors. This makes us confident that Netizen has a team ready to give advice. and can help your business run smoothly effective Achieve success according to the organization’s goals. and grow forward steadily

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