Top 5 value Areas for Netizen Peony Cloud

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Top 5 value Areas for Netizen Peony Cloud

          In a world where cloud-first is the path forward, NETIZEN Peony Cloud is taking ERP into the digital age. It is the intelligent cloud ERP from the trusted market leader that delivers the latest innovations and unparalleled industry expertise. With Netizen Peony Cloud you have the confidence to grow and change at any speed, with a real-time view of your business and the ability to act instantly – and wisely – on that insight. Outlined below are the top five value areas for Netizen Peony Cloud.
  1. Faster return on investment (ROI) A cloud solution that provides faster value realization for IT and the business. 
  2. Increased business agility An agile cloud solution that helps consume innovation(s) with minimal effort and adapts to dynamic business needs.
  3. lower total cost of ownership (TCO) A fully managed ERP cloud solution that makes deployment, configuration, and maintenance simpler, faster, and less expensive.
  4. Improved governance and compliance A foolproof cloud solution where the value is achieved not only through technology, but also through governance, security, and transformation.
  5. More intelligent cloud ERP Intelligent ERP that acts as your copilot, eliminating repetitive tasks and making suggestions, based on business patterns and employee behavior.



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