About Us



After spending several years as consultants in SAP, one of the world’s leading IT business solution companies, first in Japan and then in the company’s headquarters in Germany, Netizen’s founders decided that the time was right to bring their expertise home to help improve IT systems and business operations of companies in their native country, Thailand. The work with SAP, provided Netizen’s founders with priceless experience, in-depth knowledge of the IT solutions and a broad understanding of the world businesses. Based on the core pillars of innovation, challenge, and customer care Netizen was founded in 2000 for the purpose of bridging the gap between IT and business.

Initially focusing on SAP solutions for the Japanese automotive industry, Netizen builds their best practices along with SAP Solutions. These experiences became the foundation for Netizen’s core values. Working with Japanese drives us to always look for the best solutions and delivery flawless services to our partners. Over the years, we have faced many challenges. One by one, we have overcome the challenge by adhering to our commitment to be successful together with our customers.

For the past nineteenth years, we have grown steadily, built a solid company with continuous financial growth, and expanded customer base. True to our corporate culture, we never rest on our laurels but continuously strive to innovate to ensure that we always offer the highest quality of services to our customers.


At Netizen, we truly believe that partnerships built on trust and integrity are the keys to success, both for us and for our partners.


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